7 reasons why businesses should have their offices in the City

As of 1 January 2018, the management of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy transferred from In The City Canberra to the City Renewal Authority. Views expressed in these articles may not reflect the views of the Authority.

With business parks popping up around Canberra, the alternative locations to Canberra’s commercial heart seem to be growing. There are so many wonderful services available in the City Centre, and it’s sad to see them being used less as more businesses move their offices elsewhere. We believe there is no place better for an office than in the heart of Canberra, and here’s why:

  1. Transport options

Having an office in the City Centre means you enjoy convenient transport options to get to and from work. The Civic bus interchange enjoys frequent bus services from all over Canberra. If you prefer to drive, the City also has a number of parking options to choose from.

An office in a central location also opens up the option for many employees to walk or ride their bike to work, and the City is serviced by a number of commuter and leisure cycle and pedestrian routes. You can always hail a taxi or call an Uber, too.

  1. Your workforce can live here

Better still, the City Centre is increasingly home to many potential staff members with increasing density of apartments in Braddon, Turner, Constitution Avenue, the University Exchange, New Acton and scattered throughout the City with plans for many more. And if you are looking for interns, they can easily walk from ANU or CIT.

  1. Amenities

There’s something to be said for how much you can achieve during an hour long lunch break in the City Centre. Being so close to cafes, restaurants, shops and other services means you can visit the optometrist, go to the bank, do some grocery shopping and buy your friend a birthday present all before you’re due back in the office. Visit Canberra’s marketing campaign about one good thing after another seems to be created for working in the City Centre!

  1. Nearby businesses

An office in the City means you will be placed next to a variety of other businesses. This presents opportunities to work collaboratively with similar businesses and organisations. There may be others that you haven’t even thought about like the R&D and Innovation hubs in CSIRO, the ANU and Moore Street!

The City also has a number of popular hotels, so any interstate business visitors can stay right near your office at their convenience. If you’re holding a conference, there are plenty of nearby locations with conference facilities in the City as well.

  1. Walk to meetings

With many businesses nearby, getting to another companies office for a meeting is as simple as a short walk. Not only is this a great way to fit in some extra exercise, but you don’t have to worry about organising transport either.

  1. City culture

Having your office in the City Centre puts you into the heart of the Canberra. There is a sense of belonging that comes with an office in a City location.  When you’re leaving the office at 5 or 6pm, you can go straight to meet your friends for a drink, head to a movie or show or grab dinner at an award winning restaurant.  The options are endless.

  1. The right business address

City, the Australian Capital Territory, Australia. Domestically and internationally this reads as the premier address in the nation’s capital.