Marketing and Improvements Program

Thousands of cities around the world have taken up the challenge to self-tax and self-manage their destinies, in what is commonly known as a Business Improvement District (BID).

BIDS have been described as ‘a conspicuous illustration of creative thinking at the local level’.

The idea of the BID started with a retailer in Toronto. Worried that a new underground transit line shopping centre would extinguish business in Bloor West, he asked his council if 400 local properties could tax themselves to raise funds to market the precinct.

By establishing the Canberra City Marketing and Improvements Grant Program, the ACT Government has created the right environment for a successful BID in the city.

In delivering the Grant Program, In The City Canberra will provide services over and above usual government responsibilities – services to improve and position the city as an attractive, safe, clean, dynamic, vital and liveable location.