Need to tell us something? Contact details for businesses that are important to the City and Braddon District are:

Report any graffiti, particularly on privately owned objects e.g. building walls. If it’s a road sign, pavement, seat etc. call Access Canberra 13 22 81. Help us stop tagging and encourage art.

ACT Government:
13 22 81
Head to for any matters concerning public space owned by the Territory (cleaning, paving causing trip factors, graffiti, hazards, investment into new pavement, etc.)

CBD Ranger:
0448 222 375
Email for any cleaning, safety and maintenance matters concerning public space in private ownership .

Events Coordinator:
0448 222 166
Email for any matters concerning Marketing and activation



Email for capital works and improvements, management and communications and any overarching issue in the City and Braddon District.

6256 7777 for any behavioural or traffic issues

Translation services 131450