Our strategic aims are:

In partnership with Government, invest in legacy capital works that improve the District, increase pride and leave a legacy for all.

Invest in value-for-money works projects that improve the appeal and vibrancy of the District.

Current projects are:

  • Street art project (in partnership with ACT Government and building owners)
  • Braddon Elouera/Lonsdale Capital works project (in partnership with ACT Government)
  • Braddon and City lights in trees (2 contracts)

Being discussed:

  • Intervention in Garema Place (new project in partnership)
  • Precinct planning study (possible partnership with government)
  • West Row Park minor works (possible new project)
  • Verity Lane waste enclosure (possible new project in partnership)
  • City West Capital works project (possible new project in partnership)
  • Garema Place lights in trees (extension of existing project)
  • Northbourne Avenue Melbourne and Sydney buildings facades (possible new project in partnership)