The City Renewal Authority is leading the transformation of the city renewal precinct, which spans Dickson, Northbourne Avenue, Haig Park, Civic and West Basin.

The City Renewal Authority is charged with shaping the  growth of the central parts of Canberra to make it a great place to live, explore and enjoy.

In partnership with the community, the City Renewal  Authority aims to create a vibrant city heart through the delivery of  design-led urban renewal with a focus on social and environmental  sustainability.

The City Renewal Authority is established under the City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Act 2017 which came into effect on 1 July 2017.

The City Renewal Authority board was appointed on 1 July  2017.  The governing board includes professionals  with expertise in urban design, architecture, town planning, sustainable development, affordable housing and community  engagement.

City Centre Marking and Improvements Levy (CCMIL)

Levy Area

The levy boundaries are illustrated on the map. The retail core (Zone A) pays a larger percentage than Zone B.

Map showing levy boundaries for Zone A and Zone B

The map below illustrates the precincts within the CBD.

Map showing levy boundaries in the retail precinct