And…it’s a wrap!

As of 1 January 2018, the management of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy transferred from In The City Canberra to the City Renewal Authority. Views expressed in these articles may not reflect the views of the Authority.

What better way to wind-down from a bustling community-initiative-filled 2016/17, than by settling in to recap the major achievements and highlights that characterised yet another memorable year for In The City Canberra (ITCC)? This month we meander down memory lane, courtesy of the 2016/17 ITCC Annual Report. The ninth edition will subsequently be the last of its kind, as we here at ITCC prepare to close our doors for good, on 31 December 2017.

Following our closure, the Levy paid by the commercial property owners, which has funded ITCC over the last nine and a half years, will be transferred to the ACT Government’s City Renewal Authority. The newly established Government body will assume responsibility for tending to our City and Braddon precinct streets, while leading community-initiatives designed to increase foot-traffic and enhance the visual appeal of our CBD.

Our 2016/17 Annual Report tells the tale of an exciting and busy year – one we at ITCC can confidently say made a significant and tangible difference to our District. Our two drawcard events—Christmas In The City and Curry In The City— attracted over 110,000 people into the City and Braddon District. Another 23,000 people took to the ice rink at Skate At Garema with many others spectating. A further 500,000+ people attended the 28 events and activations funded by our new and popular Grants In The City program.

ITCC’s work, including our events, always focuses on the best interests of the District. We are proud that 75% of the approximately 100 stalls at Christmas In the City and Curry In The City were from cafés, restaurants and brewers in the City and Braddon District.

Our cleaning and maintenance program, which is often invisible but very important to maintaining the District’s attractiveness, dedicated 343 hours to the removal of 400 pieces of graffiti and 640 hours to the scrubbing of pavements to remove bird excrement and human waste. Our activations program added to the District’s outdoor art gallery with new works on Lonsdale and Mort Streets in Braddon, the City skate park, and the planter walls in Petrie Plaza and Ainslie Place. We added more trees and more lights to the decorative tree-lights project which now adorns over 150 trees in key spaces throughout the District. Through our works program Braddon’s streetscape has been lifted with much needed garbage bin shrouds.

While our tenure may be coming to an end, it’s not with sadness that we look back on these achievements, but with a sense of hope and excitement at what’s ahead for Canberra’s thriving CBD and up-and-coming Braddon precinct. In sum, we’ve set the scene for more to come…

Read our full 2016/17 Annual Report here.