Blood donation: the ultimate Christmas gift

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Not sure what to get that special someone this festive season?

Why not give blood? It’s always in need, and will be used by one in three of the people you know and love at some point in their lifetime.

This Christmas the Australian Red Cross Blood Service still needs several thousand donors nationally between 21 December and 31 December – a time when many Australians take a break but the need for blood continues.

Your donation costs nothing except an hour of your time – but your gift is not only your blood: it could be a lifetime to someone in need.

Donated blood helps cancer patients, pregnant mothers, people with blood and immune disorders, road trauma victims and anyone undergoing emergency surgery.

The Mobile Donor Centre will visit 160 City Walk, Civic from Monday 21 to Thursday 24 December 2015.
So make your gift blood this Christmas – call 13 14 95 or visit