Board Vacancies and Changes to the Constitution

As of 1 January 2018, the management of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy transferred from In The City Canberra to the City Renewal Authority. Views expressed in these articles may not reflect the views of the Authority.

On 15 March there is a Special General Meeting to discuss changing the Constitution and to expand the Board of Directors by another two.

Currently there are two casual vacancies bringing the total to 8 Directors. If agreeable there maybe another two.

Know anyone that is a member of In the City Canberra or are you a member?

  1. They or their representative stated on the membership form can nominate for the casual vacancies. Send us your details to or call for a chat 6162 4292.
  2. Come to the Special General Meeting because we need 75% of members to make changes to the Constitution.
  3. If you are unable to attend please fill in the proxy form and return. SGM 2016 Proxy. We need it 48 hours before 1PM Tuesday 15 March.

Not a member and own commercial property in Civic and Braddon? Sign up here – its free!