In The City Canberra Sponsorship recipients

Year AwardedRecipientActivation Name$ Amount
2014ANUSchool of Music ensemble18,181
2014Craft ACTDesign Canberra10,000
2014Justice and Community SafetyAlinga street taxi rank security45,454
2014Property Council of AustraliaWorkshop partnership6,000
2014Property Council of AustraliaACT Awards night and gala ball6,000
2014You are HereYou are here festival50,000
2014Select MusicFringe Festival5,455
2014QIC PropertiesFloraide Bus 16,500
2014SIDS and KidsSids and Kids Christmas Lights75,000
2015QIC PropertiesFloraide Bus15,000
2015Community Services DirectorateMulticultural Festival20,000
2015You are HereYou are Here Festival 10,000
2015Property council of AustraliaSeptember CBD Forum6,000
2015Property council of AustraliaACT Awards night and gala ball6,000
2015Property council of AustraliaSeptember CBD Forum printing4,545
2015FashfestFashfest Canberra10,000
2015Craft ACTDesign Canberra10,000
2015Gorgeous Mortar Events and activations of unoccupied buildings5,000
2015Aspen Island Theatre Co.The public theatre5,000
2015Australia institute of architectsArchi-teens design workshop7,500
2015Access CanberraAlinga street taxi security45,454
2016Pro MusicaCanberra international music festival8,500
2016You are HereYou are here festival10,000
2016Community Services directorateMulticultural festival15,000
2016MG Cultural ProgramArt, not apart20,000
2016FashfestFashfest Canberra10,000
2016Wintergarden FestivalWinter Festival45,000
2016Dai CameronHillside Lane7,000
2016Dai CameronWinter festival painting1,000
2016Canberra Islamic CentreBreaking of the fast20,000