Celebrating Brazilian independence – tomorrow!

As of 1 January 2018, the management of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy transferred from In The City Canberra to the City Renewal Authority. Views expressed in these articles may not reflect the views of the Authority.

Since 2013, In The City Canberra (ITCC) have supported Latin American countries celebrating their national days, including providing storage and management of national flags for use on occasions of national significance, such as the Brazilian Independence Day (7 September).

Events at the Latin American Plaza enliven this part of the CBD, already enriched by multinational students living adjacent at the ANU. It is estimated there are around 1500 Canberrans born in Latin America.

On Thursday 7 September, friends and colleagues of the Brazilian Embassy will gather to celebrate 195 years to the day since Prince Pedro of Brazil declared his country’s independence from Portugal in 1822.

Since attaining independence, Brazilians around the world have continued to celebrate their Independence Day, honouring the birth of their nation in various ways. In the Capital, the flag is raised alongside the Australian and ACT flags in a dedicated ceremony held in the Latin American Plaza. The National Anthem is also played during the event, where members of the local Latin American community gather to spread good will and words of encouragement.

Noteworthy are the several artworks which also adorn the Latin American Plaza, the most recent of which is a sculpture by Cuban artist, Nelson Cedeno. Rising from its base of gravel and stone, ‘the peg’ sculpture symbolises connections, unity and solidarity of the human family.

Childers Street in Civic has been dubbed Canberra’s Arts Heart, where you can find both ANU School of Music and School of Art. Culturally, the seeds for the space called ‘Latin American Plaza’ have been sown.