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Celebrating 65 years of Parisian Glamour and inspired by the endless theme of femininity and sophistication, Canberra audiences will experience the tantalizing Parisian cultural phenomenon of Crazy Horse Paris for the first time ever when Forever Crazy high kicks into Canberra this October.

Featuring the best of acts from the legendary Cabaret, Forever Crazy consists of a series of highly aesthetic and visual tableaus presented by a multicultural cast of eleven stunningly beautiful and classically trained dancers clad only in textured lighting and projection. The effect is so stunning that it is hard to determine where skin ends and the reflections begin. The result is a unique show that engages the mind as much as the eye! Paris’ most glamorous legendary show is about to hit Australia and is not to be missed!

“Magic!” – Steven Spielberg

“So entertaining and beautiful!” – Christina Aguilera 

“I am crazy about Le Crazy, always and more than ever.” – Jean Paul Gaultier

“An iconic Parisian monument to dance. A modern and dreamlike conceptualization, celebrating women in honour of women.” – Christian Louboutin

4-7 Oct

Crazy Horse Paris presents Forever Crazy

Location: Canberra Theatre