Farewell to the Before I Die wall

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It’s time to say farewell to the Before I Die wall near the redundant big screen in Garema Place. Funded by our Grants In The City program, the wall joined a list of over 1000 walls in over 70 countries and 35 languages. There’s even a Facebook site and Instagram. For three months, it was fabulously inspiring. Thanks to 20-year-old Sydney Farey for applying for the Grant and managing the wall.

Here are some highlights from the Before I Die wall…

There have been some absolutely beautiful works of art on the wall today #beforeidiecanberra #canberra #beforeideiwall

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#beforeidiewall #canberra #beforeidiecanberra

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☮️ #beforeidiecanberra #beforeidiewall #canberra

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Drawings and words are both welcome on the wall ! #beforeidiewall #canberra #beforeidiecanberra

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Sadly, recently there has been an influx of political comments aligned with what’s going on in America, as well as some inappropriate imagery. It was a shame to see a few select people ruining it for everyone else.

So, what’s replacing the wall now?

Giant painted wings and devil horns for you to take a selfie?

Spaces for you to design Fridays in Garema – a new food and wine event?

Spaces for you tell others about your favourite place to eat in the City and Braddon District?

You’ll have to walk past and see.