Flashback Friday: Lonsdale Street Lights

As of 1 January 2018, the management of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy transferred from In The City Canberra to the City Renewal Authority. Views expressed in these articles may not reflect the views of the Authority.

Approximately one year ago, Braddon’s main drag received a vibrant facelift in the form of coloured lighting within the trees of Lonsdale Street. The cheerful inclusions added a whole new level of excitement and appeal for those visiting traders in the popular Braddon precinct.

Commissioned by In the City Canberra, the lights have helped Canberrans celebrate a variety of events and special occasions.

Whilst at the time of their installation, the street incurred some minor inconveniences due to underground electrical work that took four days, it was well worth the wait to see such a beautiful display of lighting in one of the city’s more popular locations.

The lights are state of the art, LED energy-saving custom-made vandal resistant polycarbonate balls. They are high-quality and durable to withstand all Canberra seasons, with the lights and controller specially designed by Canberra business Infinite Lights and Sounds.

It has often been suggested by In The City Canberra’s CEO, Jane Easthope, that a lot of the work done by the city’s caretaker goes unnoticed; however, it plays such a big role in the CBD’s appeal.

“We are so proud in the initiatives that make such a big difference to life in the city”, Jane said.

“We remove a lot of graffiti in the area and do our best to make the CBD visually appealing, which can go unnoticed unless you actually see our scrubbers working; so these lights are just one of the things Canberrans can truly appreciate.”

Some similar initiatives that Canberrans will find over ITCC’s final months of operation are lights and tinsel lining City Walk and Garema Place, food markets, and carnival spirit – all to festive Christmas tunes playing in the background!

The City Renewal Authority (CRA) in their role as future custodians of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy collection area, are already working to ensure the more popular spaces throughout the City and Braddon District are dressed-up.

Temporary colour and activity is now in Garema. You can check-out the yellow and white striped pop-up called ‘Grounds of Garema’, celebratory ‘LOVE’ rainbow paint on the pavement and bullseye rainbow in the Braddon round-about. The timber tables and umbrellas known as #picmixCBR have moved to Civic Square, adding a splash of colour to those looking down from surrounding buildings, driving past or making their way to the Library during the day, and the theatre at night.