Give a Can, Get a coffee: Superfine Café celebrate 1st birthday with free coffee

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If you’re a die-hard coffee fanatic, enthusiast or purely an admirer, you have something to look forward to. On Tuesday 22 September, Superfine Café will be handing out free coffees to all their customers.

All you need to do is donate a tin of food and there you have it – your morning coffee fix for free.

The donated cans will be going to local community based organisation Missionworx who assist and equip vulnerable Canberrans struggling with day-to-day life.

“Give a can, get a coffee” ties in with Superfine’s first birthday celebration, and co-owner Evan O’Hanlon OAM said they are excited to play their part for the local community.

“We are thrilled to partner with an organisation like Missionworx, who help the community in such an important way,” O’Hanlon said.

Missionworx’s Jason Hayduk said the organisation was excited and grateful to be part of the event.

“It is fantastic Superfine have made this commitment to support their local community,” Hayduk said. “It’s not every day you see a business willing to potentially part with all their cash flow. We are definitely grateful for their support.”

Since opening in September 2014, Superfine has enjoyed success in the thriving Canberra coffee industry, with O’Hanlon and his fiancé and co-owner Zuzana Schindlerova crediting this to a “genuine love for people and good coffee”.

With prime positioning in Canberra’s CBD, quirky handmade furniture and healthy eating options, Superfine has quickly become a hotspot. It was recently voted no. 4 for the best café’s in Canberra on Beanhunter.

Missionworx offer a range of services including one-on-one mentoring, weekly workshops and assistance in completing everyday tasks.

Customers are welcome to bring in as many tins of food as they like.

Superfine Café is located on the corner of Mort and Bunda Street and is open from 7:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday.

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And Missionworx on their website: