2014 Multicultural Festival Feedback

Multicultural Festival

The National Multicultural Festival was once again a great success in 2014 with more than 250,000 people enjoying a unique blend of food, dancing and entertainment from around the world. Organisers of the event are asking for feedback from stakeholders to inform and help improve the festival in 2015. Do you have some thoughts on […]

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Canberra time capsule sealed for a century

March 11 2014 marked the day Chief Minister Katy Gallagher officially unveiled the Canberra Centenary Column and sealed the time capsule. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning as people gathered on City Hill for the day to celebrate an exciting moment in Canberra’s history. The time capsule, sitting under the column,  an 8.5m tall stainless […]

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The best place for Coffee and Breakfast in Canberra City?

For many Canberrans, getting a coffee and/or breakfast in the city has become a way of life – virtually impossible to go without. It’s like bacon and eggs, macaroni and cheese, and apple pie and ice cream  – they just go better together. However, it’s often difficult to find a café that makes consistently high […]

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Brand Canberra draws us together

A strong brand sitting behind the logo graphics is important to our collective prosperity. The logo and the messages affirm that Canberra is open for business and offers a comparatively exceptional quality of life. A brand like this encourages a united approach to thinking and changes perceptions about Canberra. We look forward to the roll […]

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City Plan

Canberra CBD Limited is an important player in determining the framework for the growth of the commercial heart of the nation’s capital. In May 2013, we submitted our position on the draft City Plan. A further opportunity to comment in November 2013 has allowed us to express our position on a number of matters. These […]

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Canberra CBD Limited’s advice on the proposed City Plan

Canberra CBD Limited has offered the ACT Government advice on the proposed City Plan and the City to the Lake project. Good and long-term planning is strongly encouraged whilst a concerted effort is required to get the small things right. Investing in the existing footprint of the City centre including City Hill before investing in […]

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