Canberra: Cool capital

“Buildings don’t create the culture or the space,” David Caffrey, the Molonglo Group’s cultural coordinator, said last week. “They define the space – but it’s up to the community to decide how it will use the space.”

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Working together to transform our city

All vibrant cities around the world have a thriving city centre. A hub where people live, work, play and invest on a daily basis. A lively and reflective City centre is vital to the success and attractiveness of Canberra in the 21st century. However, as you walk around the streets at present, it is clear that some of the buildings are old and dilapidated, streets are vacant and dull and the excitement and vibrancy of a usual city centre is clearly lacking.

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First stage of Bunda Street Shareway officially opened

Bunda Street

We’re sure you’ve all seen the works occurring on Bunda Street by now, it’s an exciting hub of activity as we move closer and closer to the completed Bunda Street Shareway project. This morning the first stage is officially opened to the public with a street team in place helping users get used to this brand new method of movement.

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