Canberra time capsule sealed for a century

March 11 2014 marked the day Chief Minister Katy Gallagher officially unveiled the Canberra Centenary Column and sealed the time capsule. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning as people gathered on City Hill for the day to celebrate an exciting moment in Canberra’s history. The time capsule, sitting under the column,  an 8.5m tall stainless […]

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Time Capsule Construction Progress

Time Capsule

Here are some photographs from the progress of the Centenary Time Capsule so far.  It’s coming along very nicely.  Make sure you look out for it as you drive along Northbourne Avenue towards Commonwealth Avenue Bridge on Capital Hill.

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Canberra Centenary Column and Time Capsule

Centenary Time Capsule Sculpture

The Canberra Centenary Column and Time Capsule is being installed on City Hill this week ahead of the time capsule sealing on Tuesday 11 March 2014. The legacy gift, to future Canberrans will contain 100 unique objects- reflecting the nation’s capital as it stands today. It creates eventful storytelling for Canberra’s first generation. The column […]

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Canberra Comedy Festival

The silly season may be well and truly over but for Canberrans, the fun hasn’t even begun. The Canberra Comedy Festival – held for the first time in 2013 as part of Canberra’s centenary celebrations – is back for the second year. Also back for their second year with a brand-spanking-new live show is Andrew […]

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One Man Show: Andrew Hansen & Chris Taylor

One Man Show

The Chaser’s War On Everything made Andrew Hansen and Chris Taylor household names, in half a dozen houses belonging to people who already knew them beforehand. Everyone else knows them as ‘those Chaser guys’, or simply ‘those pricks’. Now Chris and Andrew present a live showcase of brand new sketches and songs, tipped to feature […]

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Multicultural Fest is over but the food is here to stay!

So, Multicultural Festival has come and gone and it was a huge success once again! More than 250,000 people joined in the festivities experiencing cultures and sampling delectable dishes from around the world. But just because the festival is over, that doesn’t mean you have to wait 12 months to indulge in more ethnic cuisine. […]

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The best place for Coffee and Breakfast in Canberra City?

For many Canberrans, getting a coffee and/or breakfast in the city has become a way of life – virtually impossible to go without. It’s like bacon and eggs, macaroni and cheese, and apple pie and ice cream  – they just go better together. However, it’s often difficult to find a café that makes consistently high […]

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