Tips for parking in the City

As of 1 January 2018, the management of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy transferred from In The City Canberra to the City Renewal Authority. Views expressed in these articles may not reflect the views of the Authority.

Do you struggle to find a car park every time you drive into the city? Do you begrudgingly fork out a small fortune in car parking fees? Here are some tips for car parking in the city so you’ll never get caught out again.


You’ll be sure to get a car park in the following multi-stay ticketed parking areas but they may be full in the lunch break. Most of the all-day or long-stay car parks will be taken by workers. The other car parks accommodate for half hour to four hours stays.

  • the Magistrates Court car park,
  • in the east and south of the car parks around Civic Pool*,
  • in the south-eastern car park between London Circuit and Vernon Circle (the one south of the extended Constitution Avenue axis)*

*Note: The last two are currently reduced incapacity due to the Constitution Avenue road works.


If you are looking for boom gate stay and pay so you don’t get a fine and the car is undercover, go to:

  • Canberra Centre – 5250 spaces
  • City West car park – 1100 spaces
  • University Exchange – 600 spaces
  • National Convention Centre – 550 spaces
  • 121 Marcus Clarke Street – 400+ spaces
  • Lonsdale Street basement – 40 spaces


Other off street parking that is Ticket Machine overstay and risk a fine:

  • Southern end of Marcus Clarke Street, adjacent Parkes Way – 100 spaces
  • Parking near the Canberra Centre off Genge Street – 120 spaces
  • Haig Park Braddon – 68spaces
  • Glebe Park Apartments – 40 spaces


A variety of time restricted spaces on the streets are available. Most are times shown on the sign and pay the fine if chalked and overstay. New meters are being rolled out that allows pay and display.  The bonus being that you can use a credit card.

  • City – 500 spaces
  • Braddon Commercial Area – 250 spaces
  • Turner Commercial Area – 150 spaces


For short term on street parking, try and avoid the retail core at lunchtime but if you must you might be lucky on Akuna Street, Allara Street, Mort Street. City West is often more quiet than other city areas.

The closest “park and ride” is at EPIC on Flemington Road (88 spaces). Most buses go into the City and arrive at approximately 10 minute intervals. The fastest bus is the 200. You can pay the driver or use a My Way card. If you are over 70, bus travel is free.

See this website for more information on bus routes:

Suburbs that surround the City centre are constrained by restrictions such as no parking between 9 and 11 AM and 2 to 3 PM. So bring your walking shoes or a bike, park in Reid or Braddon and get some extra exercise.


Here at In the City Canberra we advocate:

  • If a block is being developed – the formula is replace lost parking and add the needs generated from the building. There are situations where the investor will take their money to another City and these have to be negotiated. An example might be a five star hotel.
  • Parking Inspectors need to do their jobs – if you overstay you will almost always get a fine.


In the 2014/15 ACT budget, the government has confirmed funding for an additional eight parking inspectors to crack down on illegal parking in the territory’s suburbs. They will patrol government-operated car parks and on-road parking areas. It is expected they will bring in more than $1.6 million in the next financial year. In the 2015/16 budget it was announced that parking increases in costs and times were to be placed on the Sydney Building carpark and others nearby the convention centre. This lacks reason and do not support piecemeal approaches in the absence of an overall strategy. We have made this clear in our submission to government on the budget.


For locations for car parking go to:

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