Have you visited Tranquilo Espresso?

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Hidden in a busy corner of the Mode 3 building in the super chic suburb of Braddon, you will find Tranquilo. The growing fascination with both Braddon and hole-in-the-wall cafes makes Tranquilo Espresso the perfect destination for your next coffee, breakfast or lunch date.

The café had been designed with the intention of being an inviting and relaxing pit stop but has now transformed into a wonderfully charming final destination full of character and flair. A collection of plants and succulents have been placed to line the front counter of the cafe which assists in making you feel right at home.

Most importantly, they have coffee! The prestigious Campos Coffee has grown a great reputation over years of making and serving only the best in high quality coffee. Notoriously protective of this reputation, Campos ensures only the best retailers have the opportunity to present this coffee to a loyal and enthusiastic fan base. Tranquilo Espresso has been chosen to do so. The coffee is famous for its consistently high quality, but don’t just take our word for it, go in and try it out for yourself.

There is more to Tranquilo however than just Knick knacks (yes, they have them too!) and great coffee, as the inside glass cabinets are piled high with a beautiful selection of house made sandwiches, sweet treats and pastries. In addition to this, Tranquilo also offers an ‘a la carte’ menu and a Specials Board where items such as sun-dried tomato, spinach, basil and cheese Arancini Balls can be found.

The evolving menu has been designed to cover all times of the working day from breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Tranquilo Espresso offers an efficient and friendly service in a fun environment and meets all expectations of what your local coffee shop should be. So take some time and head into Tranquilo Espresso where you are invited to relax and refuel in the trendy Braddon scene.