Wrap up: the last six months at In The City Canberra

As of 1 January 2018, the management of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy transferred from In The City Canberra to the City Renewal Authority. Views expressed in these articles may not reflect the views of the Authority.

It’s been a busy six months at In The City Canberra! Want to know what we have done with commercial levy payers money in the last six months? Here a few numbers:

  • Committed almost half $1 million to help improve Braddons Lonsdale Street and Eloura Street roundabout (construction is yet to commence)
  • Paying $75,000 half of the cost of electricity in the Lonsdale Street median
  • Organising the lights in the Lonsdale trees
  • Enticing 50,000 people to Christmas In The City and the Curry Festival
  • Helping over 30 businesses from across Canberra diversified their business to start trading at our events and another 15 from the CBD to join our food markets for the first time
  • Removing 156 graffiti tags off buildings
  • Machine scrubbing pavement for 15 hours a week
  • Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on pretty lights in trees – check out Ainslie Avenue and Lonsdale Street
  • Contributing $50,000 to security guards to the city taxi rank on Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 6AM
  • Financially and personally helping 27 event organisers use the CBD as a venue. Money spent so far is $300,324. 12 events are still to occur
  • Working with the government on street art behind the youth hostel and in two locations in Braddon – Lonsdale near the roundabout and Mort on the Knightsbridge wall
  • Supporting Red Nose collect tens of thousands of dollars at the Christmas In The City event for their charitable investment
  • Increasing our website popularity to a quarter of a million with quality information about what’s on in the CBD
  • Increasing our Facebook popularity by 68%
  • Looking after the Sydney and Melbourne building colonnades – high pressure cleaning and painting the column bases and skirtings brown
  • Raising at least two issues per week with Government employed cleaners, Rangers and pavement repairers
  • Having a board of 10 directors who are all volunteers and own or represent property in the City and Braddon district. It’s hard work but it’s popular – there was a competition for a seat at the board at the AGM in November